The afterglow of the Mohammed Rafi memorial concert

With a big smile we enjoy the afterglow of the Mohammed Rafi memorial concert in the Tolhuistuin. With an euphoric audience of warm rainbow people from all around the globe the Breathing Ensemble performed with passion and a lot of fun. The singers Ilyas Nadjafi, Emma Westhout, Raghav Singh and Shalini Bholasing surely rocked the crowd! 🙂
We would like to thank the granddaughter of Mohammed Rafi sahab, Mrs Tasneem Firoz Ahmed, her husband Mr Firoz Ahmed and children for their presence and contribution. We acknowledge the presence of the family of Rafi sahab as a great compliment to our work and mission. Our appreciation also goes out to His Excellency Mr Mukul, the Indian ambassador of The Netherlands for his presence and meaningful speech. 

A warm word of gratitude goes out to our sponsors Gonesh Advocatuur, Apotheek Kwakoe, Veda-IT, and Seva Kinderopvang. Thanks to your support we could make this happen.  <3
And last but not least to all the amazing audience! Thank you for coming… Stay tuned on our Facebook page and website. The pictures that will follow are by