Mogadishu Blues 2.0 was a blast!

Sometimes music moves people so much that laughing, dancing and crying go hand in hand. Mogadishu Blues 2.0 in theater Zuidplein Rotterdam definitely was such a moment. Awil Ashara and Hamse Ahmed proved to be two powerhouse vocalists who revived the heydays of Somali popular music. Together with the Breathing Ensemble they laid oud the musical red carpet for the audience to dance to. And yes, they surely danced. In this edition also a new face in the Breathing family, dancer Najma demonstrated a fusion between Somali traditional dances like sharax and modern dance.

Nimo Hoddoon and Jawahir Ahmed set a lyrical base to the reminiscing of the days Somalia was called ‘Land Of Poets’.


Thanks to the Breathing Ensemble for their amazing work! You guys fly! Franklin, Pierre, Arjen, Gideon, Sense, Geert, Daniel and Salex.. YOU ROCK! 🙂

The beautiful audience for loving and being there. Spread the word and keep sharing the love…. You might spot yourselves in the pictures on our Facebook page. 😉

Special thanks to all those people who contributed to the evolution of this concept. Ayaan Abukar for her wings, wisdom and hard work. You’re a true soldier. Ahmed Larouz for hosting this show with love and passion. Navin Kisoensing for his beautiful pictures and always bringing a positive energy with him. You’re a spark of light for Breathing. Salex Abdikader for his amazing musicality and being a guide for the ensemble into the Somali musical rhythms and colours. And of course also for his efforts in getting the right people at the right spot.  Daniel Mester for his amazing arrangements. Keeping it alive! Hanna Abukar for selecting the repertoire and always spreading the word. Muhidin Hassan for his skills and network. Somali TV4All, Ridwan Wadani, Liibaan Honest for promoting and everyone we forgot!!

Aad ayaad u mahadsantahay! <3

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