kick-off of Meanwhile Music


Meanwhile Music is a musical talkshow recorded in Ondertussen

The talkshow is a stage for stories and music from the various subcultures that enriches the Dutch society. Meanwhile Music wants to connect audiences of various backgrounds through social media. Meanwhile Music wants to call attention to the quality and power of the rich palette of musical cultural diversity in Europe. The Dutch arts industry and media still have a long way to go when it comes to multicultural programming. Those institutes walk behind the developments that already exist in the European cities. Meanwhile Music wants to put a spotlight on the jewels in the various cultural musical scenes that Europe has to offer. So Meanwhile Music invites the world through social media to connect, get inspired and exchange the knowledge, stories and skill those New Tribes Of Europe has to offer. Orville Breeveld & Floor Ziegler will host Meanwhile Music. This talkshow is organised by Breathing and Ondertussen.

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